Quinella Wagering in Horse Racing

Quinella wagering is comparable to an exacta, with the exception that the payout is the same regardless of the sequence in which your two horses appear.

That is not the same as an exacta box. In most situations, you will profit more if your long shot wins the race if you have an exacta box and you prefer two horses, with your first selection being a long shot and your second being a favorite.

Let’s take an example where a +1500 long shot wins and a +200 favorite runs in second place. The exacta might bring in $80. If the +1500 long shot comes in second and the +200 favorite wins, the exacta may pay about $45.

Whichever of the two won the race, the quinella would pay the same.

While quinella wagering is not available at every track, for those that are, you can typically view the probables online or on the toteboard.

It’s a good idea to check the odds against the exacta probables because one of the two pools may occasionally offer superior value.

Because the quinella betting pools are typically much smaller than the exacta pools, if you are a heavy bettor you may want to think of them as the infant pool.

Playing the quinella used to be less expensive because many tracks had exacta minimums, but that is no longer the case.

This renders the quinella wager obsolete at the racetrack, but given the odds displayed on the toteboard, you might want to give it some thought.

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