Horse Matchup Wagering

Horse matchup wagering involves two horses and a moneyline like in team sports, instead of handicapping the field and choosing a winner. The bettor is betting on which horse will finish first, regardless of the winner.

How Horse Matchup Betting Works

You win if your horse finishes fourth and the opposing runner finishes fifth or worse. Matchup betting usually has a favorite and underdog.

The favorite may be -125 and the underdog +105. This wager requires a $125 bet to win $225 for the favorite or $100 to win $205 for the underdog.

When a horseplayer has strong feelings about a horse, they can use matchup wagering. You only need to beat one other horse to win if you like the horse or dislike him.

No need to worry about exacta, trifecta, superfecta, or horse winning. If your horse beat the other in the matchup wager, you won.

Where To Find An Edge

A good handicapper can capitalize on pace situations that put one of the two at a disadvantage. While the race may not favor your option, you may find that your choice has an advantage over the opponent.

You might back a closer against a speed horse in a race featuring early speed. Your option rallies to pass the tired foe late while the fast horse becomes exhausted from dueling. Horses need not win races. You cash your ticket if your favorite beats the opponent.

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