Future Horse Racing Wagering

Learn all about Future Horse Racing Wagering and get an edge when getting action in the triple crown.

Horse racing betting peaks with the Kentucky Derby in spring and the Breeders’ Cup in October. Horseplayers can place bets months before key events at fixed, often favorable odds.

Churchill Downs offers the Kentucky Derby Future Wager three times every spring. The 24th betting interest is “all others.” Parimutuel wagers have changing odds until each pool ends.

Future Horse Racing Wagering: A Better Way To Bet

Las Vegas or Internet bookmakers manipulate Derby futures odds, making them superior bets.

With hundreds of betting interests, Las Vegas and online racebooks provide more liberal rates than Churchill Downs (see Kentucky Derby odds year-round).

July brings Breeders’ Cup futures odds three months before the two-day championship event. Horseplayers should search around because racebook and Las Vegas costs vary substantially.

Scratches are non-refundable for future wagering. If your horse doesn’t make the big dance, you can rip your ticket before the gate opens.

Bet for value in the future. Make sure investing part of your money months in advance is worth it.

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