Horse Racing: Daily Double Wagering

New horse racing fans may not know that daily double wagering was the first exotic wager.

In 1931, Ottawa’s Connaught Park Racetrack introduced it to attract horseplayers early.

For years, it was the only exotic wager, but some tracks started giving it on the last two races to deter horseplayers from leaving early.

Many tracks now provide “rolling doubles” with a new duo starting every race. Many horseplayers have forgotten about the daily double due to the availability of other exotic wagers.

However, it is a good approach to locate value and generally easier to hit than an exacta. Who will win a race is sometimes easier to predict than who will finish second.

A $2 ticket would cost $8 to employ two horses in each daily double race.

To cash the ticket, one of your two contenders must win each leg of the daily double if you played 1,2 in the first and second races.

Horseplayers with limited bankrolls who favor Pick 3 and Pick 4 tickets can try rolling doubles.

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