How to Bet on the World Series: MLB Betting Guide & Tips

Learn how to bet Major League Baseball with this simple MLB betting guide and tips.

“If you build it, they will come,” said the disembodied voice of Ray Liotta to Kevin Costner once. We say, “If you bet it, you could win,” at You have betting alternatives that might win you some serious cash, possibly even that A-Rod money, from spring training to the World Series.

We’ll teach you how to wager on MLB games and baseball in general so you can take the lead from Hank Aaron in MLB gambling.

Baseball offers some interesting betting opportunities, regardless of your level of skill or whether you’re just a casual fan trying to learn how to wager on MLB. Because the sport is heavily reliant on statistics, specialists are able to identify patterns and provide insightful guidance to casual bettors that can help them make money.

How To Read World Series Odds

The most crucial first step in successfully betting on baseball is understanding how to interpret MLB odds. A moneyline bet in sports betting entails selecting a team to win the game hands-down, whether it be in baseball, hockey, basketball, or football. The moneyline odds offered by your preferred online sportsbook will resemble this:

Chicago White Sox +170; Boston Red Sox -200

Chicago is the underdog while Boston is the favorite in this matchup. Dogs always have the plus sign (+) and favorites always have the minus symbol (-). The odds style is something else to consider.

Although you can pick between fractional (1/5) and decimal (1.20) chances, we use American odds. Sports gamblers in the Americas tend to choose their namesake odds, whereas those in Europe and Australia prefer decimals, and those in the United Kingdom prefer fractions.

If you were to wager $100 on the Red Sox, you would receive a payment of $150, with your initial investment and your $50 in winnings refunded. On the other hand, you would gain $270 if you wagered on the White Sox, as your $100 comes back in addition to your $170 in winnings. Use our Odds Calculator to determine how much you would win depending on the odds and the stake amount.

Runline Betting: Covering The Spread (Sort Of)

The runline is Major League Baseball’s equivalent of the point spread, and it’s a good place to start when creating your baseball betting strategy. To level the betting field before the game, one team is granted an advantage of 1.5 runs. The reason for the constant setting of the run total at 1.5 is that baseball is a low-scoring sport in general. The odds will appear as follows:

  • Giants of San Francisco -1.5
  • Dodgers of Los Angeles +1.5

The Giants would need to win by two or more runs in order to cover the runline. The Dodgers would have to win the game by a score of one run or by no more than one run in order to cover. If you’re new to baseball betting, a moneyline wager is usually the safest way to start out, but you may be more specific with your bets with a runline bet.

First Five Innings: Betting On The Top Half Of The Game

It could take teams some time to settle into a rhythm throughout the regular season, particularly around April and May. Experienced veterans may struggle to get off to a bad start, young players may be called up, new managers may be learning their trade, and beginning pitchers may only pitch three decent innings. All of these events could jeopardize the outcome and your betting plan. This is where wagering on the first five innings is relevant.

Usually referred to as F5 bets on sportsbooks, these wagers function similarly to moneyline bets but only cover the first five innings of a game. You simply need to handicap beginning pitchers and consider their performance over the course of five innings to place this wager. F5 bets provide a lower risk because you only need to examine the starters rather than the full pitching staff.

MLB Totals: Betting On The Combined Score

Assume for the moment that the Toronto Blue Jays and New York Yankees are playing.The odds totals would look like this:

  • OVER 7.5
  • UNDER 7.5

It is your responsibility as a baseball bettor to ascertain if the total runs scored by both teams will exceed or fall short of the oddsmaker’s predetermined total. You would choose the OVER if you believe there would be eight or more. You would choose the UNDER if you think it would be seven or fewer.

Sportsbooks take into account variables like ballparks and probable weather when determining the totals. Locations with significant wind, like Wrigley Field, and Coors Field, where the ball flies farther, are considered. A sportsbook also considers the pitching staffs’ shortcomings and the batting lineups of both clubs. In this case, the totals will show that the Jays are hitting everything in their path while the arms of the Bronx Bombers are putting up a fight.

Futures Betting: Wagering On Baseball Championships

We can wager on which clubs will win their divisions even if we may not know in March.Before the regular season begins and all year long, you can wager on pennant races, the World Series, and the major baseball awards with futures odds.

If you’re just starting out in baseball betting and want to make some serious cash, a futures bet will let you keep track of a player or team’s performance throughout the season and potentially yield huge returns if you back an underdog that surprises everyone.

You can wager on the Washington Nationals to win the National League if you believe they will have a fantastic season. You can place a futures wager on the Detroit Tigers if you believe they have taken enough offseason action to win the American League. Additionally, you can wager on team win totals and the winner of the Cy Young.

Prop Bets: Strikes, RBIs And Homers

Prop betting lets you place bets on extremely specific events, particularly in the postseason. Props are wagers on specific player or team achievements that might not have an immediate impact on the result of the match, such as:

  • What is Player X’s expected number of RBIs?
  •  How many bases is Player Y going to pilfer?
  • Will Player Z be able to hit many home runs?
  • How many strikeouts is Pitcher A expected to record?

Parlays: A Bouquet Of Bets

You can group your baseball wagers using baseball parlays. Say that quickly five times! If you place more than two bets on a betting slip, you may win more money than if you only placed one bet.

A parlay can provide some high-risk, high-reward betting for people who are new to MLB betting or who are testing their baseball predictions for more than one game on any given day. It’s critical to keep in mind that if none of your selections win, your parlay ticket will be a bust, just like the Expos. Farewell to the finest squad that the 1994 World Series should have gone to.

In-Play Odds: Live Betting On Baseball Games

To place an in-play wager, check the live odds section of your preferred online sportsbook. The number of strikeouts a pitcher records in an inning, runs, which base a hitter will reach, and plate appearances will all have odds associated with them. Why not place an in-play wager on a bullpen phenom who enters the game in the top of the ninth and you believe he will strike out at least two batters?

What Is The Most Effective Betting Strategy?

Don’t think, as Tim Robbins’ character Crash Davis, a player for the Durham Bulls, once advised Nuke LaLoosh (Kevin Costner). All you can do is damage the ball club. On the other hand, we advise you to consider everything. You can also rely on our MLB betting news and analysis to do the thinking for you.

Additionally, our baseball pages cover a wide range of topics, including money standings (each team has a betting value), pitchers (who gets run support and who doesn’t), free picks (for those days when you don’t know who/what/where/when to bet), and ump stats (the men behind the plate can often determine how a game will go).

We also have betting trends, a consensus page where you can see which side of a matchup the public is largely betting on, and offensive and defensive statistics.

Betting Against The Public

The general public likes to wager on teams that are well-liked, home teams, or have famous sportsmen on them, however they are frequently mislead by the media and are not always correct.

The likelihood that the “smart” bet will take the other side of the book and fade the public is higher when the public is more enthused and loaded up on one side of a game.

Want More Baseball Betting Tips?​

  • Profits from volume betting are higher (9.5 times higher than NFL).
  • Steer clear of unfavorable betting odds while using teasers and parlays. Adhere to single-game wagers.
  • Control your finances. Place a wager of one to five percent of your bankroll each play.
  • Take note of the underdogs in each division. Teams in the same division play one another more frequently. Their increased familiarity with one another somewhat evens the playing field.
  • Find the best line by shopping. Open many accounts at several sportsbooks.
  • Go forth and make your MLB predictions now that you know how to wager on baseball and have endured our constant allusions to the films that Kevin Costner has starred in; it’s not our fault.

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